Here's Your Cosmic Prescription for Even More Clarity & Courage!

If you're ready to take your healing journey up a notch, then get personal with us. Reserve two 60-minute private coaching sessions with Dana & Sandy to be used during your Workshop year.

here's what you get!

  • Access to everything (online course, facebook group, bonuses, all the practical magic goodies, and more) for 1 FULL year!
  • 2 60-minute sessions (one with Dana and one with Sandy) where we dig in deep on your journey and get you some real clarity on your most visionary next steps.

You guys are so generous with your time. You found a way to touch each individual & make everyone feel like they had personal time with you.  I know how valuable your time is, which made it even more special. Dana, my session with you was so impactful from the moment it started, it's opened a lot of doors for me, even through the mini coaching sessions on the webinars. And Sandy, you've helped me cultivate my astrology interests above & beyond.

Talia Thomas // director or education

With the guidance of Sandy, I have a new relationship to astrology and how my signs and planets impact my life. I learned how to work with astrology to enhance who I am trying to BE in the world. Dana is an amazing coach who has the gift of knowing what I need even when I may not have any idea:) She helped me get to the root of some of my mindset struggles which have had such an impact on changing patterns and habits for the better. Dana and Sandy were so open and available. They want you to win!!

Mari Ybarra // systems strategist and wellness entrepreneur

Both Dana and Sandy are incredibly compassionate, welcoming, and nonjudgemental, the space they create emanates true loving guidance. They are only doing this to help others and you can tell by the joy they get from seeing you succeed. Deepest gratitude and love to you both for your knowledge, wisdom, labor, and love.

Cassondra Kenny // brand manager

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