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  • you keep getting stuck in failing relationships, staying at mediocre jobs or other painful, unconscious patterns
  • you go through whole days forgetting to take care of your own needs (burn out is no stranger)
  • no matter what you do, there’s a little voice deep down inside nagging that you’re not good enough
  • you don't have a vision — or if you do, you're so unclear how to get there


Enroll now in the Saturn Return Workshop
  • Learn to leverage your astrology, aka your specific planetary energies
  • Connect to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs to make healthy decisions with ease
  • Get centered, grounded, present, and joyful — the opposite of burnt out!
  • Understand your deepest held values, desires and self-worth at a new level


At first I wasn't sure if the course was right for me, not being in my Saturn Return, etc. but in the end it was just right! It felt like personalized coaching at your own pace with a supportive group and live check-ins to supplement it all! I learned so much through the modules and really liked using astrology as a guide to help prompt some of the work we did to dig deeper within ourselves. I feel anyone leaning toward this work or feeling on the edge of wanting to make a change, no matter your age or astrological position, this is FOR YOU!

Melissa Motzkin, designer // NY, NY
Melissa Motzkin, designer // NY, NY

Finding this workshop just prior to the beginning of my Saturn Return was kismet. I feel equipped to tackle whatever roller coaster Saturn has in store for me with real, usable strategies from two unique but complimentary perspectives. I am so happy I found this! I felt major growth and had context and a community of others to share with which always feels amazing and magical! Thank you Dana and Sandy!

Stephanie Esgro, occupational therapist // Glendale, CA
Stephanie Esgro, occupational therapist // Glendale, CA

This work came at just the right time for me as I learned that I will soon experience my Saturn Return. The information Dana and Sandy shared was invaluable from the astrological lessons to the coaching. Each lesson complimented and built on the prior weeks lesson and every group check-in inspired me to continue the work. This workshop built a foundation for me that has inspired me to clear out my internal and my physical space while creating a path for my reimagined life!

Jasmin Ali // NY, NY
Jasmin Ali // NY, NY

This workshop was so eye opening! With the guidance of Sandy, I have a new relationship to astrology and how my signs and planets impact my life. I learned how to work with astrology to enhance who I am trying to BE in the world. Dana is an amazing coach who has the gift of knowing what I need even when I may not have any idea:) She helped me get to the root of some of my mindset struggles which have had such an impact on changing patterns and habits for the better. Dana and Sandy were so open and available. They want you to win!! It was wonderful to be so supported throughout the process.

Marisol Ybarra, systems designer & creator, chingona wellness // NY, NY
Marisol Ybarra, systems designer & creator, chingona wellness // NY, NY

It's not often I would say I had a life changing experience but I can say without a doubt that the workshop has been one. I have always thought of myself as very self-aware and emotionally intelligent but this process has allowed me to identify patterns in all aspects of my life and drill down further to the roots. It has not been easy (no one really enjoys taking a good hard look at themselves, do they?) but through the discomfort comes clarity. Thank you to Dana & Sandy - two wonderful women who are incredibly generous with their time and their selves. They will also tell it like it is if you need to hear it! If you're open and willing to put in the work, then I highly recommend you take a leap of faith in yourself and sign up for the workshop.

Jeanette Massie, technologist // Sydney, Australia
Jeanette Massie, technologist // Sydney, Australia

I'm not one to usually ask for "help" and not really one to purchase online workshops either. But I was in the midst of a major life shift and felt like I was drowning. Sandy and Dana's workshop seemed like it would be something to help realign myself. And I really feel that's what has happened.

Together they have put together such a great program that not only helped me understand myself better and the patterns and archetypes that continue to arise, they also supplied helpful tools and mental conditioning that has helped and can help in the future for moments of realignment.

Vanessa Garcia, web designer & explorer // nomadic
Vanessa Garcia, web designer & explorer // nomadic


What is the Saturn Return Workshop?

The Saturn Return Workshop is an online-course that joins astrology & transformational coaching to help you understand where you are and envision where you want to go. Sandy Sitron (an astrologer) and Dana Balicki (a transformational coach) are your guides as you discover new tools, heal the old stuff that’s ready to go, and reframe your future. This is deep work. We support you as you leverage your cosmic rite of passage and walk toward the change when it’s time.

Should I do this course if I’m not in my Saturn Return?

This course is designed to support you before, during or after your Saturn Return AND at the other hot spots of the Saturn Cycle. (Ages 22, 29, 37, 44, 51, 58, 65 -- ish) So, yes-- join us! These teachings are meant to help you make the changes that you are ready for. A lot of people do this work at different ages (Sandy always shares her story about doing this work after her Return) than those mentioned because it's so helpful to prepare for the next phase and review the last phase. Always learning!

How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the course for 1 FULL year! That includes bi-weekly Live group Q&A sessions, any updates and additions we do to the material and more. You'll receive weekly emails for the first 13-weeks to guide you through the course and work through the 6 lessons (one each week) and then you’ll integrate what you’ve learned with a 7 week astro-coaching practice that hits every important life area. You can totally do it on your own time, as well.

How do I know if I’m in my Saturn Return?

Saturn Return happens around ages 28-30, 58-60, and 86-88. Other key times in the Saturn cycle that can feel similarly life-changing are ages 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 36-37, 43-44, 50-51, 65-66, 72-73, 79-80, etc.

Do I need any special kind of software/apps/technology to participate?

Just the internet!

How much time do I need to set aside for the course?

So, you have 1 FULL year of access to the materials so you can take it at your own pace. However, if you want to take advantage of the 13-weeks of guided coaching, we recommend devoting 2-3 hours per week to the course so you create the necessary momentum to make sustainable change in your life.

I’m a beginner with astrology. Do I need any astrology experience to take this course?

Not at all! We’ll teach you all the astrology you need to know. And we always trust that you'll absorb what you need. If you want to keep it simple, it totally can be. If you want to get geekier with it, we provide that opportunity too.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We ask that you complete the homework within 30 days, send it to us, and if you are dissatisfied with the materials in any way, or you find that it’s not the right time, we will refund you. To read our full refund policy, click HERE.

How do you support students as they work through the content?

We offer bi-monthly (2x/month) live Q&As for the duration of your enrollment year. These Q&As are your time to get individualized attention and group coaching. The heart-open sharing in the live sessions continues to be awe-inspiring and tectonic plate shifting. These sessions alone are worth way more than the full price of the course. Plus, we're in the private facebook group all the time answering questions. 🙂

What if I have another question that isn't here?

No problemo! Just email us at and ask away or click the little chat icon at the bottom right of this page. We'll respond asap.

um, just a little more praise...

The Workshop has fundamentally changed the way that I relate to myself and others, the way I relate to my past and my future. The combination of astrological guidance and real life skills to help cope with anything your life might be throwing at you is everything I needed to gain the insight and drive to navigate the trials of my Saturn Return. The group setting is also revealing in the ways we all deal with many of the same problems as each other, and it is encouraging to have a space to find support and community where I didn't before. Both Dana and Sandy are incredibly compassionate, welcoming, and nonjudgemental, the space they create emanates true loving guidance. I will forever look back at this experience as a pivotal and game changing moment for me in my life - truly empowering and enlightening.

Cassondra Kenny, brand manager // NY, NY
Cassondra Kenny, brand manager // NY, NY

I took Sandy and Dana's Workshop in February 2016 - almost a full year before my Saturn return kicked in. Thanks to Dana and Sandy, I was able to spend the rest of the year preparing and strengthening my foundation so that when Saturn zeroed in on me, it didn't all fall apart. Sandy's knowledge and understanding of astrology runs so deep, and Dana has just the right tools to help prepare you for a year of intense self-examination - and find yourself on the other side, all the better for it. I'd recommend their workshop to anyone coming up on their own Saturn Return.

Jackie Z. // Brooklyn, NY
Jackie Z. // Brooklyn, NY

This work came during a time in my life when I needed it the most. It helped me dig deep and learn essential things about my Saturn Return to help navigate me through this difficult time. Not only has it helped me during this time of my life but everything I've learned I know carry with me everyday. I'm looking forward to going through the material again in a few weeks from start to finish to continue to dig deep, confront what's holding me back and make the most of this work.

Katie Weintraub, marketing & development // NY, NY
Katie Weintraub, marketing & development // NY, NY


While we didn’t make this Saturn stuff up (the ancient astrologers noticed it first, hmmm, about 10,000 years ago) we know you’re feelin’ it.

This is what we (us + Saturn) want for you ⏤ to experience a life that is in alignment and in sovereign integrity with all the goodness that your higher self knows is possible!

We found this path with the help of beloved teachers and guides (physical and cosmic), and now we want to share it with you. It’s our greatest pleasure and purpose to give you the framework necessary so that you can up-level and cultivate your biggest and best visions.

When you heal, the earth heals. As Saturn would say, “We have work to do.” Are you ready? We are.

Enroll now in the Saturn Return Workshop