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How to Navigate Your Cosmic Rite of Passage
with Ease, Grace + Clarity

When things fall apart (quarter/mid-life crisis), you can fall together — look within, heal your sh*t, be vulnerable, take responsibility, rebuild your sense of self. Here are the tools.


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We'll share some mind-blowing tools & frameworks that will support you in getting free and clear of all the internal junk holding you back during your Saturn Return and beyond. You'll receive:

  • the building blocks for manifesting what you really want in your life. Not what you think you should want, or what others want for you -- but what YOU really want.
  • learn about the cosmic Saturn Cycle (that ALL of us go through), how to leverage it and turn your biggest challenges into your biggest growth opportunities.
  • how to identify what exactly is holding you back from growth (aka keeping you in those stuck patterns), and then clear it, shift it, own it.